Disposal of scrap and recyclable materials

Flexible material supply in the production plant

Tugger trains in requirement-based operation

LKE is one of the world’s leading makers of sophisticated transport systems for optimal material flow and material disposal, rounding of its product range with equipment for the disposal and efficient removal of scrap and recyclable materials.

One of the most effective modes of operation: The product solutions can be co-transported in the train and can be loaded and unloaded from both sides.

Disposal via tugger train is an efficient complementary system which, in the meantime, has become standard in today’s industrial sector.

Removal of scrap and recyclable
materials from the production site
to the collecting point.

Centralized depot for scrap and recyclable materials.
The bins are emptied by the respective service
provider and the contents disposed of as required.

Advantages from this system

• Reduced number of empty runs
• Faster and safer compared with fork-lift transport
• Different materials can be transported together

• Savings in fork-lift and personnel costs
• The virtual clutch and drawbar system provides the
  train with excellent directional stability

Range of products for disposal of scrap and recyclable materials