Planning a tugger train system

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Would your company like to benefit from the installation of tugger train systems? We would be pleased to help you with the planning of “your” tugger train solution – just give us a call and let us support you from the very initial concept to the system in operation.

In order to be able to (efficiently) operate a tugger train system, the operating site must meet certain conditions and the system elements need to be perfectly aligned to these and your specific requirements.

When planning a tugger train system, a few important points must be observed; e.g.:

• What load carriers already exist in the company and
  what is to be transported?

• What are the dimensions and weight of the load

• What is the total weight when loaded?

• How is the load carrier to be transported?

• Are the aisles wide enough for loading and
  unloading operations?

• Are there any inclines or ramps which must be
  overcome? If so, how great is the gradient?

• Is it necessary to align work processes?

• Is a single-line operation planned or are turns

• What is the floor condition like?

• Is only in-house traffic planned or is the tugger
  train to be used also for outdoor operations?

• Are there any special requirements to be made of
  your load carrier – e.g. dirt ingress, discharge, load
  securing, protection from jerks and jolts?