Steering systems

LKE has developed a trailer system for tugger trains on which a variety of common standard load carriers
can be transported; e.g. Europallets or SLC boxes.

In order to ensure directional stability these can be fitted with the virtual clutch and drawbar system.

Virtual coupling and drawbar system

Frequent requests from the industry might be:

optimisation of material supply in the production process
production without using forklift trucks
• reduction of transport routes and optimal use of available space

For this reason, a system was designed in cooperation with manufacturing plants to unite these requirements.
This is how LKE‘s virtual coupling and drawbar system was developed. The virtual coupling and drawbar relation which has meanwhile proved its worth a thousand times over, achieves the best possible directional stability, so that optimum castor action is possible in confined space.

Within the chassis systems offered, e.g. kingpin steering, this system provides excellent price-performance ratio.

Ackermann steering system

Optimized directional stability by geometrically complex Ackermann steering system.

Pallet trolley SP2.AL

Cargo Liner SP3

Three steering systems in comparison


rotatable 360° on the spot

Extremely mobile
     with great directional stability

6-wheel steering with 2 lowerable fixed castors

Plattform trolley R6

rotatable 360° on the spot


6 wheel steering to optimise castor action
even in sharply bend curve

Central fixed castors are lowered on the spot

When coupling, the central locking lever is automatically released and the central fixed 
castors are lowered on the spot.

Trolley can be driven in both directions

If the centrally directed fixed castors are lifted, the wagon can be driven sideways in both directions via the 4 swivel castors.