Two-sided loading and unloading operations

Flexible material supply in the production plant

What products can LKE provide for two-sided loading and unloading operations?

LKE has developed a variety of common standard load carriers for use on tugger trains for material
supply on which e.g. Euro-pallets or SLC boxes can be transported.

The product solutions shown here can each be used in the train and can be loaded and unloaded from
both sides allowing the train system to be aligned efficiently to your specific operating requirements.

Space, time, safety, ergonomics

• delivered directly to individual assembly areas
• no transfer-zones necessary
• ergonomic and safe material handling 

Furthermore, they are equipped with the LKE tried-and-tested virtual clutch and drawbar system which
ensures excellent directional stability and convincing transport performance even in the most confined
space. Learn more about steering systems.

Range of products for two-sided loading and unloading operations