Adaptor pallet

The LKE adapter pallet carries up to four floor rollers in the SLC-boxes 600 x 400 mm or up to two floor rollers in the 600 x 800 mm format.

The major particular feature of our adapter pallet lies in the fact that it is possible to load and unload from both sides and to individually secure each KLT floor roller which is placed on the cargo carrier.

An additionally integrated protection device prevents the locking mechanism from accidentally unlocking when the pallet is placed on the forklift or lift trolley.

It is possible while unloading, for example, to only remove individual floor rollers from the cargo carrier as needed. This means: Even when partially loaded, secure hold is guaranteed for every single floor roller placed on the pallet.

  • Adaptor pallet

    Adaptor pallet

    • stackable
    • for 2-4 KLT bottom casters
    • loading and unloading on both sides
    • can be picked up with fork-lift truck and pallet truck
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